What We Can Offer

1. We can offer 100% upfront cash if your site fits within our investment criteria.
2. We offer a detailed business valuation based on the information you provide.
3. We can provide cash offers within days or weeks.
4. All transactions will go through Escrow, which will make it a safe and secure transaction.

Investment Criteria

Here are the business criteria that we're looking for:

1. Your site is generating at least $500 per month
2. You are motivated to sell your website.
3. Your site is monetized with display ads, SaaS Subscriptions or affiliate offer.
4. Your site is growing in traffic, and not dropping rapidly.
5. Your site operates in the following verticals: Business, Health, Home, Finance, Sports, SaaS or Gaming.
6. You can provide an accurate month-to-month profit & loss statement.