Brazilian Sports Website with High Profitability & Low Competition

Website Description

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishment: 2000
  • Niche: Sports, with a focus on the Brazilian football club
  • Monthly Traffic: 266,000+ monthly visitors
  • Revenue Streams: Programmatic advertising, Google Adsense, direct banner sales, guest posts
  • Team: 5 on-demand contributors, managed via a WhatsApp group
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Workload: Minimal, a few hours per week for team management
  • Reason for Sale: Pursuit of other opportunities

This asset is a premier sports website with a focus on a Brazilian football club, boasting a strong operational history since 2000. With monthly traffic of 266,000+ monthly visitors, the site generates consistent revenue of $11,500 and maintains high profitability with a monthly profit of $9,200. 

The website's diverse income streams, low operational costs, and dedicated content production team underscore its efficiency and potential for sustained growth. The inclusion of valuable assets like established affiliate relationships and a robust content library makes it an attractive investment opportunity.

A unique aspect of this asset is its proven ability to generate 260 First Time Depositors (FTDs) monthly for iGaming affiliates, highlighting its significant potential in the sports betting affiliate market. 

This capability, combined with opportunities for expanding content, enhancing user experience, and exploring new monetization avenues, positions the website for notable growth. 

The sale offers a comprehensive package, including the website, operational tools, and the potential for the existing team to continue, making it an ideal acquisition for investors looking to enter or expand within the digital sports content and iGaming sectors.

Monthly Revenue


Monthly Profit


Monthly Traffic


Monetization Models

Monetization Models: Programmatic Advertising, Google Adsense, Direct Banner Sales, and Guest Posts.

Time & Skills Required To Run This Business

Minimal, a few hours per week for team management. Skills in website management, content strategy, and affiliate marketing are beneficial.

Assets Included

  • Domain name and all published content
  • Custom-built WordPress CMS, themes, plugins, and tools
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Advertiser and partner contacts
  • Arrangement with a team of five on-demand content contributors
  • Brand assets (logos, trademarks, branding materials)
  • Content rights
  • Hosting accounts, analytics, and monetization accounts
  • Operational tools and subscriptions
  • Proven capability to generate 260 FTDs monthly for iGaming affiliates

The Social Assets Include:

  • Facebook (1.2M);
  • Instagram (301k);
  • Twitter (230k);
  • Telegram (3k);
  • Whatsapp (1.5k);
  • Push (25k);
  • YouTube (9k);

Reason For Sale

Pursuit of other opportunities

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