At YourDomain, we stand as a dynamic portfolio holding company deeply rooted in flourishing sectors such as SEO and Mergers & Acquisitions advisory. Our business model is two-fold, strategically leveraging the synergy between providing M&A advisory services tailored for content business owners and executing insightful acquisitions of content businesses.

Our Mission Statement

At YourDomain, we're all about helping content businesses thrive. We believe in being open, doing careful research, and growing strategically to make both businesses and individuals successful. Honesty guides everything we do, from buying businesses to working with our team and partners.

Every acquisition gets thoroughly evaluated to make sure it fits our goals. We focus on boosting promising content businesses and bringing new, creative ideas to competitive markets. We're dedicated to creating more jobs and driving growth in the content field, preparing people for the digital future.

Meet the Founders

Patrick Babakhanian
Patrick Babakhanian, Founder of YourDomain, has a rich background spanning a decade in digital marketing,
SEO, and launching SaaS & agencies. His expertise also extends to facilitating M&A transactions.